Hadid Pouya Tosan Samangan

With the expansion of steel and copper production chain in Kerman province and the increase in the number of related mining units and factories producing concentrates and raw products such as DRI and steel and copper products, the country’s need for spare parts required by these industries is expanding. Since the mentioned industries are mostly heavy industries, the spare parts used by them are mostly in the category of steel and heavy cast iron parts. Due to the country’s economic conditions that have placed obstacles in the way of imports and the heavy weight of such parts, the production of heavy spare parts such as rolling rolls, melting pots and slag, mining wagons, billet castings and similar items has become a national necessity. Unfortunately, domestic producers of such parts are few and with the transformation of Kerman province into a big mineral, steel and copper pole, the need to produce spare parts for the mentioned industries in this province is felt more than ever.

By building a heavy parts casting factory near the production site of DRI as the main raw material used, using the advantage of being close to the source of raw materials, it is also possible to increase the added value and competitive power of the manufactured product.

In the first phase of this project, the production of steel parts is considered, but in the next stages, in addition to increasing the production of steel parts,

the production equipment of ductile iron parts will also be added.

In the first phase, the installed equipment is enough to produce parts weighing up to 30 tons, and with the launch of the second and third phases, this capacity will reach 60 and 95 tons, respectively.

Sand casting, metal casting and centrifugal casting lines will be launched in the first and second phases. Also, the CCM billet continuous casting line will be installed in this factory in order to take advantage of the melting power of the furnaces.